10 essential features of a great hotel booking system

Behind every great hotel lies a great hotel booking system – the software used by hotels to manage reservations. But it does so much more besides, enabling the hotel to automate dozens of functions with 100% accuracy, clearing precious time for staff to serve their guests

A hotel booking system both simplifies the process and enhances user experience. And with Gen Z and Millennial travellers on the rise, guests today expect nothing less. 

Avondata’s market leading PMS system, Rezcontrol, ensures booking is smooth and simple for both guests and hotel operators. Not sure what to look for? We’ve compiled a list of the ten essential features any Property Management System (PMS) worth its salt should include as a default. 

1. User-friendly interface for staff and guests 

Any good hotel booking system must have a user-friendly and intuitive interface. 

A clear interface will encourage customers to complete their booking – evidence shows that protracted booking procedures quickly turn potential guests off and they will look elsewhere. 

Simplicity is key, along with ensuring  all relevant information is easily accessible. This matters not only for guests but for staff too, especially as hotels often rely on seasonal and temporary workers.

2. Online payment integration

Every good hotel booking system should have online payment integrations which should be able to generate invoices, as well as payment reminders and balances for event bookings. 

Crucially, online payment integration also manages booking and pricing options, such as advance purchase rates with no cancellation refund, or flexible rates with cancellation up to a set period before arrival. This avoids the need for staff to recall this information manually and process refunds and other billing adjustments.

3. Mobile friendly 

In 2021, over 40% of hotel bookings were done via mobile, with a whopping 66% of millennials booking their trips on a smartphone. 

Making sure your booking system is mobile-friendly is therefore essential to expand your customer base, by ensuring your guests can book any time, anywhere.

4. Hotel discounts and deals  

Who doesn’t love a deal, especially from your favourite hotel? 

The best hotel booking systems can tailor discounts and deals for your customers – and automate these communications once your parameters are set up. A personalised approach encourages loyalty, and the ability to integrate vouchers into your booking is great for making your customers feel valued and welcome. But the automation is all achieved via segmentation settings, not by your staff.

5. Cloud-based security

As everything continues to shift online, cloud-based tools are a security must for any business which takes online payments and holds or processes customer data. Designed to increase profitability and long term ROI, cloud-based systems are far less expensive to operate and manage over time, while offering superior protection to any conventional onsite system. 

6. Fast, simple, and easy to use 

A sleek and simple website that promises a superior experience is the first point of contact for many guests.  Hot on its heels though, is a simple and clear booking system that makes the booking, and any options or extras, as frictionless as possible. 

7. Guest review management 

Customers regularly use reviews such as Tripadvisor as part of their decision-making process. A booking system that can integrate easy-to-access guest reviews are great for helping new customers convert interest into an actual reservation. 

8. Language and currencies 

Catering to different languages and currencies when you are setting up your hotel booking system is key to  attracting guests from across the globe – making sure you reach the largest customer base possible. 

9. Quality visuals 

Making best use of your marketing photos to showcase your hotel is fundamental to converting potential customers. Rezcontrol enables high-resolution images to inspire your customers to click through to book. 

10. Quick and responsive customer support 

If something does go wrong, or an operator is unsure of a process, prompt and efficient support from your hotel management system is a must. Rezcontrol’s UK-based support team is friendly, knowledgeable and will resolve any issues to ensure a glitch is sorted or an operational query answered on the double.

Equally our onboarding team carries out full training to ensure hotel teams are up and running with confidence – Rezcontrol is your trusted partner before, during and after handover.

Ready to onboard with Rezcontrol PMS?

You can find out more about Rezcontrol PMS on our website. Book a free online demonstration today and let us show you that the proof is not only in the delicious puddings you serve, but in the product behind the scenes! 

With a UK-based support team, 365 day helpline, and webinars and training events, our goal is to ensure hotel management teams perform their best with Rezcontrol. 

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