Hotel front desk software for management

Save up to 20 minutes per guest on administrative tasks!

Check-ins and check-outs no longer need to be time-consuming for your guests – or your hotel staff. Our user-friendly hotel front office software from our property management system makes it quick and easy to stay up to date and provides guests with a fantastically smooth and seamless service, enhancing your reputation while enabling your staff to focus on your guests rather than on admin.

Save up to 20 mins of admin per booking

Say goodbye to check in queues

“The e-sign feature at check-in has been very useful post-pandemic for contactless
check-in, plus it has reduced charge backs to zero.”

Camille Greacen, Head of IT,
The Stay Original Co in the West Country

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Improve guest experience with Rezcontrol front desk software

Run your hotel front office with effortless efficiency and improve guest experience with our suite of comprehensive front-desk and guest experience features utilising Rezcontrol PMS.

Give your front desk staff all the information they need, at the click of a button, making it easy for them to make reservations, manage room accounts, and welcome guests efficiently meaning no queues at check-in.

Tools to manage your guest engagement

Rezcontrol includes a suite of tools to inform and support your front desk operation. Managers and reception staff will be able to find all the information they need from one, easy to use, intuitive platform, including reports, balances, meal plans, housekeeping and more. 

We also offer online check in and check out, accessible from a mobile, avoiding queues at reception.

Enhance your guest experience with our hotel management software – we pride ourselves on our quick and efficient system that supports faultless customer service from the moment a booking is made.

Smoother operations with our sophisticated housekeeping module

Rezcontrol makes housekeeping management easier and more streamlined by enabling you to:

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Secure and easy payment services

RezPay exists to make your billing easier and more secure. We eliminate the difficulties of multiple payment providers, putting your entire payment process in one place.

With RezPay the guest payment experience is secure, smooth and seamless, and offers the instant reporting and reconciliation information you need.

Benefits of Rezcontrol automation

The list of benefits of automation is endless, from staff and guest satisfaction to increased revenue and profitability. Here are a few of Rezcontrol’s top automation features:

Scheduling, monitoring, reminders and billing are all taken care of via our sophisticated automation functionalities, and fully integrated with POS and book-keeping integrations.

Innovative front of house software

Front office reports detailing arrivals, departures, guest room balances, meal plans, housekeeping and more enable quick and efficient check-in and out for guests.

Our business intelligence reporting is the bridge between front of house and back office operations. Guest experience is enhanced by knowledge of previous stays, which creates the opportunity for upsells and extras, while ensuring the guest receives the most personal welcome and service.

Case Studies

“The e-sign feature at check-in has been very useful post-pandemic for contactless check-in, plus it has reduced charge backs to zero.”

Camille Greacen, Head of IT, the Stay Original Co in the West Country

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your guests can either check in online pre-arrival, or use a tablet on reception. Those hotels preferring a traditional check-in can do so, as Rezcontrol also offers printed registration cards and a manual check-in process.

Yes, you can set up Rezcontrol to email their final room bill with a breakdown of charges before checkout, and they can settle by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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