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The complete hotel booking engine for more direct bookings

Drive more direct sales with a user-friendly three-step booking system

An online hotel booking engine that integrates seamlessly with Rezcontrol PMS to maximise reservations and revenue.

Up to 20% more conversions

Automate upsells and extras

“The new functionalities and integrations have been literally life-changing to our operation – we have seen a 60% uplift in revenue from upsells, and 100% in extras, as a result of Rezcontrol’s integrations.”

Mark Bevan, Managing Director, The Elms Hotel And Spa, Worcester

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Benefits of your own hotel booking engine

Create a brilliant guest experience right from the start with a slick and user-friendly hotel booking engine. The booking engine integrates fully with your hotel software so all information flows through, saving valuable staff time transferring details and cutting out potential errors.

Our booking engine can be fully branded to sit comfortably within your hotel website, taking secure payments 24/7, while avoiding the commissions paid to OTAs.

“We used to have to manually update occupancy and availability so we lost bookings – we now also get much younger guests who prefer to book online.”
Jane Redmond, Manager, Lyzzick Hall

Gain conversions and increase revenue

Guaranteeing up to date availability, all bookings will sync seamlessly with your front desk calendar, keeping everything in one place.

Our intuitive booking engine is designed to optimise every step of the direct hotel booking experience – from attracting guests to converting them into your guests.

Complete security and flexibility

Keep on top of all your back-office tasks, including payments, deposits, billing, and accounts, as well as housekeeping, maintenance, stock and inventory, with a set of highly flexible yet intuitive tools, so you can see at a glance where you are.

Case studies

“We used to spend hours reconciling the billing. Now it takes two minutes! Rezcontrol is so intuitive and user-friendly, and the onboarding and support teams couldn’t be more helpful.”

Jane Redmond, Hotel Manager, Lyzzick Hall, Keswick