Optimal rate management for your hotel

Adjust and adapt your hotel prices in real time

By altering prices to reflect availability you’ll get more bookings while also boosting profits during periods of high occupancy. Amend your pricing strategy throughout the week or even the day according to the level of demand.

Dynamic pricing

Pace reporting

“The dynamic pricing model and derived rates on Rezcontrol are powerful features which enable us to make one change which ripples across the system – and once set up, the system manages itself. We have been able to apply common rate principles across the group despite different room numbers and pricing – and the planner is adream!”

Camille Greacen, Head of IT, the Stay Original Co in the West Country

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Complete control of your room prices

Our Rate Matrix gives you real control over all your room prices, as far into the future as you choose. You can set up sophisticated occupancy and revenue rules on your PMS to vary prices automatically to ensure you maximise revenue where possible. This is a hugely effective way of driving bookings during quieter periods and filling rooms at the most profitable price when demand is high.

We are seeing higher margins and occupancy thanks to Rezcontrol’s rate management tools and channel integration.”
Tracey Williams, Sales Manager, Eckington Manor

Pace reporting for optimised planning, strategy and forecasting

Rezcontrol PMS allows you to analyse your revenue and occupancy between two time periods, showing your performance over a defined date range. This allows you to compare your previous and current statistics for identified dates, helping with planning, strategy and forecasting.

Rezcontrol pace reporting can help you set targets, plan for key events in your local calendar, plan promotions around identified quiet periods, and maximise margin at peak times.

Our data analysis also informs revenue management integrations to help them distribute your pricing to online travel agencies.

Case Studies

“The Rezcontrol interface is intuitive and easy to use, and I appreciate the booking and accounting integrations. Above all, there is tremendous trust and integrity working with Rezcontrol.”

Matthew Lane, Managing Director, The Fox and Hounds, Chumleigh