What is property management software? What does it do?

The hospitality industry is facing a massive recruitment crisis and nationwide staff shortages are making running hotels and restaurants harder than ever before. As managing hotels becomes more difficult, using good property management software like Rezcontrol PMS can streamline and automate important tasks, making operations more efficient and effective.

If you’re not sure what property management software is and what it does, find out everything you need to know here.

What is Property Management Software?

Property management software or PMS is software that allows for easy management of a property, irrespective of size, helping automate financial, administrative, customer relations and other management functions. Today, these are usually cloud-based and can be used by those who own single or multiple properties. They have become extremely popular and arguably necessary for many hospitality businesses, seen as a vital tool to support smooth operations, optimising staff functions, safely and securely.

What does it do?

  • Front and Back Office Operations
    Automating office administration functions is a key role of a PMS. This includes managing reservations, room accounts, queue-less check-ins, coordinating with housekeeping, and more, all at the click of a button. From the backend, Rezcontrol PMS automates the end-of-day process, has a full sales ledger for managing credit accounts and produces detailed, insightful reports of business performance, saving valuable staff time.
  • Payment Gateway
    Property management software can handle sensitive card data and financial information for online and direct bookings safely and securely. It can flex for all sorts of payment scenarios, be it deposits, part-payments, instalments and more. It automates all refunds, damage charges, and no-show charges easily and accurately.
  • Rate Management
    Hotel prices are subject to fluctuation due to changes in demand and seasonal bookings so it is vital to optimise profits based on this. Property management software can do so by altering prices in a way that yields the highest possible profit, reflecting availability and boosting revenue during high occupancy periods.
  • Guest Engagement
    Guests are the most vital part of a hospitality business. Rezcontrol PMS helps maintain a comprehensive database of all your customers. This can be used to guide marketing and business growth strategies. For current guests, it also aids in tracking requests, improving relationships with them and providing all relevant information. It can send up to five expertly designed, branded emails to them to maximise up-sell opportunities. This helps to build strong relationships and keeps customers engaged.
  • Event Management
    Rezcontrol PMS makes event management extremely simple. Whether it’s a business meeting, conference or wedding, a good property management system like ours can support smooth delivery down to the tiniest of details. It should provide accurate information and offer efficient and flexible billing mechanisms across multiple types of event.

Rezcontrol PMS is a leader in property management software and can make managing your hotel easier and more efficient, driving stronger performance. 

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