12 reasons why it’s time to migrate your legacy hotel operating system to Rezcontrol PMS

12 reasons why it’s time to migrate your legacy hotel operating system to Rezcontrol PMS

Running a hotel is a complex task. And with a legacy server-based PMS, this complexity will only be increased through time-consuming admin, along with risks to both privacy and security. 

Migrating from your legacy operating system may seem daunting, but with Rezcontrol PMS we provide personalised support every step of the way.

Here are our top 12 reasons why it’s time to migrate to Rezcontrol PMS if you’re still using a legacy system.  

1. Anytime, anywhere access with browser-based cloud software

Hotel owners and managers are busy people, and don’t spend all their time at their desks. As Rezcontrol PMS is a browser-based SaaS (Software as a Service) product, users can literally log in anytime, anywhere, from any device. The time and efficiency savings of being able to run your operations from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to stay on top of bookings and manage any issues which arise can’t be underestimated.

2. Market-leading data security

Rezcontrol PMS, being a cloud-based service, provides market-leading security for you and your guests’ data. This removes the worry of in-house server maintenance and manual back-ups, as our data back-ups take place hourly. Rezcontrol PMS offers far superior data protection and security than any hardware-based alternative – especially as data stored in the cloud is automatically encrypted.

3. A future-proofed system with low running costs

One of the single biggest benefits of all cloud software is that you don’t need to invest constantly in your IT infrastructure to make sure your application is secure and running efficiently.  With Rezcontrol, just the most basic device is required to access the system from a web browser – we take care of the rest, so you don’t have to,

With a cloud-based system like Rezcontrol PMS, updates are all carried out at our end, and you reap the benefits – we even ping you an update message every time we carry out an improvement, and ensure you know how to use it!

4. Scalability

As well as being future-proofed, Rezcontrol PMS offers full scalability. If you add more properties along the way, expand your operations and need more staff, or the reverse, we have you covered. There are no limits to user numbers and we can switch a hotel from a single property to a group with consummate ease!

5. Secure payments and data

Rezcontrol PMS handles sensitive card data safely, processing payments smoothly. Its innovative payment system, in partnership with Trust Payments, ensures all guests’ payment data remains secure. 

6. Automated multiple payments

Hotels often need to break down charges into multiple elements. Provisions for multiple payment scenarios (such as advance payments, partial refunds, staged events payments, no-shows and damage charges) can be navigated automatically, saving time and  eliminating human error.

7. Third-party integrations for everything you could need to do

Migrating to Rezcontrol PMS puts a suite of third-party integrations at your fingertips. SiteMinder, Trust Payments, Resdiary, Collins, Xero, Sage, Newbridge and Quadranet are are just a few of the partners we seamlessly integrate with. These integrations allow your property to harness leading accounting, table management, marketing, POS and CRM systems, helping you optimise bookings, manage events, maximise revenue opportunities and generally to make your operations as efficient, effective and profitable as possible. 

8. Marketing automation built in

Our marketing automations enable a far higher level of guest contact. You will be able to send out invoices, payment receipts, updates ahead of check-in and also marketing emails, all set in branded templates, at the click of a mouse.

9. User-driven development

Rezcontrol PMS is built on the needs of the industry. We constantly ask for feedback from our clients to drive our product development and inform our latest integrations and features. Once your property has migrated to Rezcontrol PMS be assured that your feedback will be collected and listened to regularly in order to guide the continual improvement of our software.

10. Easy onboarding

We ensure onboarding with Rezcontrol PMS is smooth and hassle-free, in fact many of our clients have migrated within a few weeks of taking the decision! Our team of onboarding specialists and tech support agents are with you all the way, making sure everything is set up for you, the way you want it, and that your staff are fully confident in using the new system. 

11. Online training, for now and into the future

After onboarding, whether you need support, training or simple reassurance, we have got you covered. As a cloud-based system, we provide remote onboarding and training, customised to your needs, for you and your team. Many of our customers find the training videos so simple and intuitive that they carry on using them for new staff training well after the initial handover.

12. We take the data transfer pain away

And finally – we even clean and transfer all your existing data and bookings before you go live. What’s not to love?

If you think it’s time for you to take control of your PMS once and for all with Rezcontrol, please visit our website or contact the sales team at 0330 2231456 or email sales@avondata.co.uk