5 hospitality tech trends to watch in 2023

With the hospitality industry still recovering from the pandemic and most major economies experiencing a crunch, resources are at an all-time low. 2022 saw hospitality turn to tech in response to these challenges, filling the gaps with the automations, enhanced accuracy and reduced resourcing requirements.

As we move into 2023, there are five important tech trends which we believe will continue to streamline and support the hospitality industry in the year ahead. 

Service automation

Certain functions, like contactless check-ins and check-outs, keeping room tabs updated and the ability to vary room rates to maximise both profit and occupancy, will see further automation in 2023. AI and property management software like Rezcontrol PMS already lead the way, saving precious time and enabling colleagues to focus on delivering a great guest experience. 

Greater transition to cloud-native environments
Gone are the days of manual guest logs and account books. Crucially, it is also no longer safe and secure to store customer and business data on a physical computer. 2023 will therefore see a plethora of hotels shift their data to cloud-based software, benefitting from systems that can run fully integrated hotel business operations, whilst protecting guest and hotel data. Property management software like Rezcontrol facilitates this, making it easier for hotels to carry out their vital functions whilst benefiting from superior cybersecurity.  

Tech-enabled customer communication
Clear and timely communication with guests around their stay can make or break the guest experience. Sharing check-in guidance, answering queries, sending payment reminders and offering upsells all help guests know what to expect, and maximises both their experience and the hotel’s margins. Rezcontrol PMS can enable customised emails before and after your guests’ stay. 

Relationship building enhanced by technology
Hotels may have hundreds or even thousands of current and past customers. Tailoring messaging or establishing an ongoing relationship with such a large and diverse client base is tricky. A good hotel management system can support this by tailoring communication to different segments, as well as customising pricing and discounts, based on data analytics. This keeps your hotel in the customer’s field of vision, supporting brand loyalty across all segments. 

Revenue Management
Dynamic pricing is at the heart of running a hotel profitably. Technology that manages price smartly, based on demand, is growing increasingly popular. Offering flexibility in payment is equally important, with instalment options enabled via platforms such as PayPal or Klarna. 

Rezcontrol manages and implements revenue tools to optimise pricing and maximise turnover while offering your guests both flexibility and convenience. 

Leaning into these technology trends in 2023 will help smart hotels weather any challenges that lay ahead. 

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