A guide to Rezcontrol’s updated event management module

Events sit at the heart of many hospitality businesses. Whether it’s an annual business conference, a huge family reunion or a wedding, a hotel needs to be ready to manage, coordinate and organise it to the highest possible standard. At Avondata, we have a policy of continuous improvement for Rezcontrol, our cloud-based property management system (PMS), taking on board user feedback to help make the management of your property as efficient as possible. Our events module has recently been upgraded, adding even more functionality to help with smooth event management for your hotel, to give your team and your guests the best possible experience.

How can Rezcontrol’s Event Management module help me? 

Once this module is enabled on your Rezcontrol PMS, you’ll be able to set up event rooms,  specific templates, function sheets and coordinate all conference and banqueting activities with a variety of additional automation. 

Whether you’re managing a wedding weekend, a corporate event, or an upcoming Christmas party – the power of Rezcontrol is at your disposal. 

Once the setup is complete, our event module can ensure simple creation of professional function sheets, quotes, detailed reporting, automated alerts for back-of-house administration and managing payments.

Creating an event

The module is flexible and configurable, giving you the option to book any type of event, with or without accommodation.

For example, while coordinating a wedding weekend, your team can build an event detailing room hire and accommodation rates, alongside the cost of arrival drinks, canapés, the wedding breakfast and the wedding band.  

Alternatively, you can offer pre-built packages, breaking down revenue in the background. Either way, the accommodation can be booked within the event reservation, saving valuable time for your team, and providing convenience for your guests.

Building templates and bespoke function sheets

By creating templates, you can speed up the quotation process. Simply select numbers and options, and your quote is in the hands of the client within minutes including a full breakdown of costs and key details. 

You can build your own quote templates, section by section, to display any visuals that you feel may provide a more interactive experience for your guests.

Once your templates are in place, you have the  flexibility to amend, adapt and revise as much as needed for each and every unique event.

Event requests for payment 

This new feature is designed to enhance our event management functionality in regards to payments and deposits, an area our customers tell us can be complicated to navigate. Using predetermined and programmable rules, once a quote has been accepted, the integrated payment gateway will schedule and trigger one or multiple payments. Or automated requests for payment emails can be set up with a 3D secure payment link adding an additional layer of security. The “request for payment” feature allows users to set up multi-stage deposits with automated payment requests at various points of time to ensure you are  being paid exactly what you are owed at the right times. For instance, for a wedding, you may take an immediate deposit of £500 followed by percentages of the balance at intervals as the event draws closer. You no longer need to worry about manually keeping on top of what is due, and when, or chasing clients for payment. 

This feature also picks up any changes and updates, such as recalculating the deposit schedule if necessary, making this an efficient and trustworthy way of monitoring your payments. 

Accurately control your stock

Rezcontrol’s innovative “absorption” feature allows you to post F&B sales from your POS system to an event without applying charges that have already been accounted for in the event account itself.  Only amounts over and above what is included in the event will be applied, as a supplement.  This means that you accurately record stock whilst keeping revenue correct, saving huge amounts of time on what would otherwise include manual processes and adjustments.

The benefits for both front and back of house

By customising your event templates, Rezcontrol will generate your future function sheets for all events while tracking guest charges. This aims to provide peace of mind that your events are organised and quoted correctly.

Rezcontrol’s function sheets will aggregate critical information directly from the reservation. These pull through a range of key information about the guest, the event, options selected, costs, deposits, totals, etc.

Beyond providing convenience for your guests, the module will collate information for the benefit of internal use. Details can provide operational logistics for front-of-house, and details on the food and beverage selections to assist the kitchen and bar.  

A full “task diary” has also recently been added to Rezcontrol, perfect for assigning event preparation tasks to different departments or members of the team within your hotel.

How can I find out more about Rezcontrol?

You can find out more about Rezcontrol on the Avondata website. The next step would be to book an online demonstration and let us show you that the proof is in the product.

Alternatively, please contact the sales team on 0330 223 1456 or email sales@avondata.co.uk.