Case Study

Fishmore Hall in Ludlow, Worcestershire

“The guest engagement function is brilliant. We made 14 upsells in the first few weeks of using it – it’s so easy and saves staff time too!”


Fishmore Hall in picturesque Ludlow is a beautifully presented 15-bedroom boutique hotel and spa, known for its fine dining with both a renowned restaurant and bistro, both with a focys on locally-sourced ingredients.

Purchased as a derelict ruin in 2007, owner and director Laura Penman has transformed the building, which had previously been a school as well as a hotel, and it is now the perfect choice for a luxury break in Shropshire. 

Laura had worked with Avondata’s legacy system, Hotel Executive, before migrating to Rezcontrol at the start of the pandemic. She had always found it intuitive, accessible and easy to use, but cloud-based systems offered numerous advantages.

Fishmore bar

The problem

“Our server was at capacity and we wanted to be cloud-based”

“Server-based systems were becoming clunky, with constant add-ons, so they were all in danger of becoming a Frankenstein’s monster – though Hotel Executive always performed well for us,” she explained. “But our server was reaching capacity and we would have faced considerable cost replacing it.

“Rezcontrol offered everything in one place, accessible from a mobile or laptop, and automatic updates. We knew, with our experience of Avondata, that the new product and support would also be excellent.”

The solution

“It's fantastic to be able to use Rezcontrol from any device - it's seamless!

Fishmore Hall Spa

Rezcontrol has provided all the team at Fishmore Hall had hoped for, and more. They especially value the anytime, anywhere access – and with every staff member having their own email log in and relevant level of access, it has created efficiencies which were not possible before, as well as being easy to train new staff.

“We spend far more time with guests, talking with them and providing the warmth and welcome which makes their stay so memorable, rather than spending that time on admin, taking payments or confirming reservations. It has reduced queuing time and has also trimmed back staff costs on reception,” said Laura. “Our staff pick the system up really fast, even if they haven’t seen it before – it’s very user-friendly.”

The benefits of Rezcontrol

“In the first few weeks of using the guest engagement features, we gained 14 upsells”

Of all the functions and integrations, Fishmore Hall finds the guest engagement suite particularly useful. Having templated emails ready to send out ahead of arrival, for example, saves staff time, ensures accuracy and encourages upsells.

“By the time a guest is almost ready to travel, they have an idea of how they are going to spend their time. Being able to offer them bistro, restaurant and spa options in advance makes a real difference to our upsell capacity, while also streamlining their check in experience as these bookings are already in place,” says Laura. “In the first six weeks of using this function, we booked 14 upsells.”

“Our early check in email helps housekeeping plan ahead”

“Our early check in email also creates housekeeping efficiencies, as we know which rooms to prepare first,” says Laura. “We can note any dietary requirements, offer afternoon tea packages, and ensure everything is ready for the guest when they arrive. This also extends to online and early check in, which in turn connects to the housekeeping module, so the team knows which rooms to prepare first, creating greater efficiencies internally. This is especially handy when we have lots of spa bookings wanting early arrival to make the most of their treatments and spa time.”

Meanwhile, Rezcontrol’s contactless check in and express check out options, which were essential during Covid, now prevent queues and enable the staff to focus more on their guests, rather than on paperwork.



Painless onboarding and excellent support

The team at Fishmore Hall knew it wouldn’t be difficult to make the switch from Hotel Executive to Rezcontrol, and the migration proved easy and painless. Equally, they find tech support always friendly, professional and responsive.

“It’s great to have a familiar voice on the phone. There’s continuity, and they never make you feel silly!” she said.