Case Study

Hotel Tresanton, St Mawes, by the Polizzi Collection

“We definitely made the right call. The service is excellent, both in terms of product and support, and your team has worked so hard on our behalf.”


The Polizzi Collection is a unique and stylish luxury hotel group, owned by Olga Polizzi and her two daughters Alex and Charlie. Olga comes from an illustrious line of hoteliers – her father, Charles Fore, founded Trusthouse Forte which went on to become the largest hospitality group in the world. Alex is best known as The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5, charged with turning around the fortunes of ailing hotels.

Reputation and seamless operation are therefore key, and it is vital that the property management system used by the hotels in the Polizzi Collection not only does everything a good PMS needs to do, but also provides tangible benefits for users and guests alike.

Brand Manager for the group, Jonathan Lawley, introduced Rezcontrol PMS to the Collection’s Hotel Tresanton in St Mawes in December 2022, and sister hotels Endsleigh across the Tamar on the Devon/Cornwall border, and The Star on the East Sussex Downs, are set to follow suit during 2023.

The problem

“Moving fully to the cloud was a priority”

“I have worked with numerous systems,” said Jonathan, and they all have their benefits, but at the time of choosing a PMS for Tresanton, it was becoming increasingly clear that we needed to move to the cloud.

“Our systems prior to Covid were either legacy server-based systems, or newer cloud interfaces which still relied on a server element, such as for payment reconciliations, and so would still need manual interventions and physical updates. I wanted to move away from that.”

Clean, clear simplicity combined with outstanding customer service

The solution

“Rezcontrol represented a fresh start on a clean page”

The Tresanton team became interested in Rezcontrol after exploring numerous avenues. They were especially keen to see it, because they knew it was a recently developed system, from a company with 30 years’ worth of PMS experience.

This gave them the confidence to know it would be fully cloud-based, and would not need bolt-ons or fixes to patch up legacy issues, or run connections to server elements which would still require maintenance. It represented a fresh start on a clean page

The benefits of Rezcontrol

“Rezcontrol is not only beautifully simple and easy to use - it also has very useful integrations”

Hoteliers require all the elements of their PMS to work seamlessly. It needs to incorporate front desk operations, restaurant, POS, website bookings, payments and gift vouchers as well as back office functions – and they all need to integrate without creating extra work, or leading to errors.

“Avondata have chosen their partners carefully,” explained Jonathan. “All property management systems rely on integrations, but instead of having hundreds of them, we were impressed to see the specific ones we needed most. When we saw the partnerships with RezDiary and Access Collins specifically, this greatly appealed. It’s all in the detail, and this is something Rezcontrol has really got right.”

Jonathan feels all PMS systems involve some level of trade-off. Global outfits will be able to do absolutely everything, but will often be harder to navigate, and customer service is unlikely to be personal.

“A personal relationship and the flexibility to listen and respond were big drivers for us,” explained Jonathan. “We know that with Rezcontrol, Avondata is invested in our success – while we are also reaping the benefits of unsurpassed customer service and attention to detail from a UK-based provider who knows our sector inside out.”

Equally, because Rezcontrol has worked so hard to build the best solutions rather than every possible solution, the Polizzi Collection team have found it to be more nimble than other systems.

“There are some really nifty elements – I had never before seen an option to reconcile a gift voucher automatically from either the EPOS or the PMS,” he said.

“We also feel listened to – we had wanted a feature where guests can select their own room, which is part of the allure of a boutique hotel, and this went live for us in April!”

Automations, extras and upsells -
guests can plan their stay with confidence

Migration and onboarding

“It made a real difference having a named onboarding specialist”

The Tresanton team have found Rezcontrol very easy to use – they especially appreciate the planner – and have found they didn’t need much formal training. Nonetheless, having a named onboarder was a big plus. “It was very good to have the moral support and be able to call someone who will answer you directly,” said Jonathan.

Tresanton also offers many extra activities, such as sailing and treatments, as well as selling dog-friendly rooms, so they have found these functionalities being fully automated very useful.

“It really helps our guests to be able to plan their stay with confidence, and make bookings for meals and activities at the time of reservation if they want to,” said Jonathan. “And it equally helps that all the correspondence around the booking is in one place.”

The team also uses the pre- and post-visit marketing automations, creating great efficiencies in terms of staff time.

“All in all we are delighted,” said Jonathan. “We definitely made the right decision.”