Case Study

Marsham Court, Bournemouth

“Since moving to Rezcontrol, we have increased our revenue by an average of £350k or 10% per year.”


Marsham Court is a large, full-service, 95-bedroom hotel in Bournemouth, which specialises in large group events. It has nine conference and banqueting rooms, the largest of which can seat up to 280 in theatre style seating, as well as the two largest ballrooms in Bournemouth.

Therefore a crucial part of the hotel’s revenue comes from group dance holidays, as well as from weddings, corporate events and coach parties bringing groups for bowls parties. They recently won Silver at the Dorset Tourism Awards for a Business and Events Venue, as well as winning a prestigious national Catey’s award for accessibility.

The hotel owner/manager, Rosie Radwell, has been working at Marsham Court since 2004. She took over the management from her mother in 2017, and her brothers then joined. They have renovated and adapted the building to add seven more rooms, as well as two dog-friendly apartments.

They migrated to Rezcontrol PMS in February 2021, with a goal of managing all elements of the hotel, from room bookings to groups and events to catering and payments, on one system.

“It has made such a difference,” said Rosie. “Since moving to Rezcontrol, our revenue has increased by an average of £350k, or 10%, per year”

The problem

No single PMS provided the combination of features and functionality needed

The hotel had run with various systems in the past, which all had their own issues. The most recent had been server-based, and caused numerous problems which even installing a new server failed to resolve.

Having compared various options, Rezcontrol PMS stood out overall for the richness of features and functionalities, as well as the user-friendly nature of the interface.

“We were one of the first to onboard when Rezcontrol was released,” said Rosie, “so we anticipated a learning curve, but issues do get listened to and resolved very fast with Avondata. And once we moved to the cloud-based system, all our previous problems were resolved in one go.”

The solution

Wide-reaching functionality and booking integrations create time and money savings

“There is so much we didn’t have before,” said Rosie. “The fact that we can now send out automated emails, enable online check in, and automate invoicing is a life-saver, especially when a large group arrives and has to be processed quickly.” Their next step is to purchase iPads to speed up group check in.

Marsham Court also finds the upsell packages very productive. One item which often got forgotten was to add a parking charge, but now this is automated, it will always be charged as appropriate.


The planner helps the hotel to fill occupancy gaps with promotions months in advance

Marsham Court has found the planner especially user-friendly, as you can see both bookings and cancellations together for the entire year, which makes managing and forecasting occupancy over a longer period far easier. “We can see months ahead where we might end up with a gap,” said Rosie, “so we can plan in a promotion to avoid losing out on room sales.”

Updating rate codes is also so much easier than with previous systems, especially as it automatically generates the derived rate codes. These are instantly transferred to booking sites, generating promo codes which makes special offers very easy for the team to set up for the team. “It is so easy to find and change rates, which saves so much time,” said Rosie.

Dynamic rate management and business intelligence for planning and inventory

The hotel also finds the system incredibly useful for inventory and planning. “For example, we have five cots for families travelling with very young children. If these are all booked, it is flagged up and we can advise accordingly – and if we find that they are regularly all booked out, we have the management data to decide whether to invest in more.”

The benefits of Rezcontrol

“Smooth and speedy training and onboarding plus outstanding customer service”

Marsham Court had never engaged in video training before, and had some concern, but this went extremely smoothly. They had to move from decision to implementation to going live in the space of a few weeks, because the server issues they were experiencing were causing severe damage to their summer bookings, with availability not updating.

Even with this deadline pressure, the training and data migration ran according to plan, and everything was in place with front desk staff feeling confident about the new system when it went live. Large group bookings as far ahead as 2025 were all transferred into Rezcontrol without a glitch.

Above all, Marsham Court appreciates the level of service they receive from the Rezcontrol support team, which they say is far superior to anything they had experienced before.

“We are really listened to,” said Rosie. “They do their absolute best and always answer our queries.” They also appreciate the update pop-up notifications which let customers know if there has been an upgrade or a new solution added, which will link to a training video as appropriate.