Case Study

The Elms Hotel & Spa, Worcester

“The new functionalities and integrations have been life-changing – we have seen a 60% uplift in revenue from upsells and 100% in extras as a result of the integration.”


The Elms’ Managing Director, Mark Bevan, took over this luxury country manor hotel and spa in Worcestershire in November 2021, having worked with Avondata’s server based PMS Hotel Executive previously, which he also inherited at The Elms.

“I really saw the potential of cloud-based PMS systems and wanted to migrate as soon as I could,” said Mark.

The problem

“We needed to reap the benefits of an integrated cloud-based PMS”

 “Server based systems tend to involve less flexibility, lots of inconvenient workarounds, and are clunky in comparison, with far more manual operations to complete, and you can’t operate them anywhere, from any device. I’m out of the office a lot of the time so this was crucial.”

“We were eligible to upgrade to Rezcontrol, so I wanted to push it through as soon as I could,” said Mark. “I’m out of the office a lot of the time, so being able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device has been liberating.”

Seamless onboarding and training in bite size pieces

The Elms migrated system on 7th December 2021, so literally within a few weeks of signing up. “I knew Avondata’s onboarding manager from the previous PMS, so I had every confidence of a smooth, efficient ride,” said Mark. “The transfer of data was seamless, and Avondata also cleaned the old data, removing duplications of guest details and making sure everything was in order.”

Prompt and efficient tech support and almost zero downtime

The online training went very smoothly, and staff at the Elms especially valued the bite size sessions. They found it especially helpful that users can undertake their training anytime, anywhere – but it has to be completed in order to get a log in, which ensures all staff finish the course and will be fully operational by the time they complete it.

The Elms has also been impressed with Rezcontrol’s technical support, and usually hear back promptly if they raise a ticket. “When we had a query over integrating our new phone system, it was solved within three hours,” said Mark. The hotel has also reported almost zero downtime.

The solution

“The new functionalities and integrations have been life-changing to our operation”

The Elms has seen so many improvements and efficiencies which aid the guest experience as well as saving staff time on admin, so they can focus on their guests. Functionalities such as enabling check in on and iPad, and automated full prepayment 24 hours before check-in, have made front desk operations far more streamlined.

The hotel also values the online payment gateway integration with Stripe, and Rezdiary for restaurant and spa bookings. “We use an ecommerce platform called OneJourney which integrates with live availability,” explained Mark. “It runs through the API into all our systems – spa, restaurant, everything – enabling live booking management. This has made a huge difference to our upsells, as guests can manage all their bookings in one place, and can change restaurant table times or spa treatments, which often means they will add to their experience, as it is so easy. We have seen a 60% uplift in revenue from upsells and 100% in extras as a result.”

The benefits of Rezcontrol

60% uplift in revenue from upsells and 100% in extras as a result of the integrations

“It is also extremely easy to use,” said Mark. “It’s very intuitive, so we have found that receptionists who have never used a PMS before pick it up very quickly, and of course the automation removes much of the potential for human error.”

Powerful data and analytics reporting

“I can also really delve into the reports side,” said Mark, “which enables me to extract all the stats I need, export them into Excel for forecasting, and generate performance reports so I have up to the minute data and can see immediately how we are doing, and where we need to focus our attentions.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to stay with a server based system – Rezcontrol is like a legacy PMS on speed!”