Guest engagement - helping your guests, and your bottom line.

Guest engagement – making the difference to your guests, and your bottom line

Information is power


The transformative role of CRM in building guest relationships 

Just one highly positive and meaningful interaction can win loyalty for life. How and when this occurs may be down to chance – but laying the foundations for it to become a regular occurrence is not. With the right tools in place, you can set the scene for every interaction to drive long-lasting brand loyalty, from before, during and after your guests’ stay.

In a world increasingly driven by data, it’s how we use it that makes all the difference. Data without application is just data, but when used wisely, it can build a far deeper knowledge of each individual customer, which can then be filtered into making the most appropriate offers according to their tastes.

Penchant for a glass of fizz on arrival? A history of previously booked specific spa treatments or a round of golf? Very likely to take up special offers? All this kind of information can be collated and turned into fully branded pre-arrival email offers, arrival greetings and suggestions, instructions to F+B, personalised offers, and more.

Making use of technology to build better relationships and drive direct revenue

For-Sight, one of Rezcontrol’s latest integrations, specialises in just this. In unlocking the guest journey, their CRM and multi-channel marketing tools allow hotels to personalise guest communication and deliver marketing campaigns at scale, driving increased direct revenue, guest loyalty and engagement.

“Rezcontrol’s PMS and For-Sight’s CRM & Marketing Platform come together to give hoteliers the key insights they need into guest behaviour and purchasing patterns”

“Rezcontrol’s PMS and For-Sight’s CRM & Marketing Platform come together to give hoteliers the key insights they need into guest behaviour and purchasing patterns,” said Maud Bruyère, Marketing Manager for For-Sight.

“This partnership enables Rezcontrol customers to design informed marketing strategy, segment customers, and automate their marketing to drive higher engagement. Hoteliers can leverage For-Sight to craft highly personalised, multi-channel campaigns that enhance the guest journey, boosting upsell opportunities and deepening loyalty.

We are truly delighted to partner with the Rezcontrol team who is just as passionate about excellent customer service and seeing hoteliers thrive as we are.”

Top tips for better guest engagement

Here are our top tips to make best use of your guest engagement data:

  • Let your guests personalise their experience from the start – if your online booking engine can go beyond room rate and availability, you can enable your guests to start to plan their stay in detail, adding meal plans, dietary restrictions, accessibility needs and more from the off, as well as pre-booking activities such as spa or on-site sports.
  • Offer early check in and late departure – this can be arranged from time of booking, and your PMS will be able to coordinate with housekeeping so that the right rooms are ready in advance. This is a small but steady revenue booster.
  • Send a welcome message in the couple of days before they arrive – stacked with relevant special offers they can book now or take up on arrival.
  • Make them feel welcome by making best use of the information you have – if you know they are visiting for a birthday treat, travelling for business or have a nut allergy, you can tailor offers on arrival and make them feel extra special!
  • Integrate your POS with your CRM and PMS – this will enable your bar staff to serve up precisely the right kind of Martini or make menu suggestions without even having to ask!
  • Create special events – or invite them to events you have scheduled that you know they will enjoy, such as wine tasting, pizza nights or cookery courses, depending on your venue and your specialisms?
  • Post-stay engagement – it doesn’t stop when they depart! Your follow-up emails can ask for reviews, add them to a newsletter, invite them to future events, and a whole lot more…

The most successful hotels are the ones who are not afraid to embrace every aspect of guest engagement, and continually strive for ever-higher levels of satisfaction.

Rezcontrol PMS provides all the tools for guest engagement automation, including scheduling, monitoring, reminders and billing; branded email marketing; online check in and check out, and is fully integrated with POS and book-keeping integrations. When combined with a sophisticated CRM integration such as For-Sight, it can take your guest engagement to an even higher level.

Coming soon! Full case study showing Rezcontrol and For-Sight in action!

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Guest engagement screen showing customer's behaviour and spending patterns.