How your customers can help you grow your business – the importance of effective data management

How your customers can help you grow your business – the importance of effective data management


The beauty of the hotel business lies partly in the variety of clientele it attracts, from sightseeing tourists, and couples on a weekend getaway, to corporate away days and board meetings.

But how well do you know your customers, and just how important is it to understand who walks through your door?

Maximising the lifetime value of your customers and increasing positive word of mouth is crucial to business growth. How, then, do you transform a first-time customer into a repeat visitor, and even better, into an advocate for your hotel, eager to recommend you to their friends and family?

The key to loyalty lies in offering customers a truly tailored, stand out service requiring fantastic customer relationship management (CRM) which, in turn, relies on a solid understanding of your customer-base.

Handy, then, that hotel booking processes can provide the ideal platform for recording customer demographics and behaviours, and the opportunity to segment accordingly. Unfortunately, without the right tools in place, recording and making sense of the data can be difficult and time-consuming, but with the right software in place, you can efficiently define your customer profiles, and identify your most profitable sales channels. Using this data and learning from these two key aspects of your business provides vital direction for business planning, marketing, PR and customer relations.

Avon Data’s Hotel Executive software assists with this segmentation and business insight by enabling detailed customer profiling from the outset, allowing your staff to tailor their offering accordingly, whilst also providing analysis of your strongest sales channels and facilitating guest engagement.

A property management system (PMS) like Hotel Executive offers peace of mind that your hard work won’t go to waste, providing the wherewithal to ensure that the potential value from every customer that walks through your doors is fully realised.

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Over the years we have carefully refined, improved, and enhanced hotel management software. This is based on feedback from customers which is what makes it so sophisticated and yet remarkably easy to use.