Choose the right payment solution to save time, money and stress

Payment services – choose the right solution for your business

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Save time, money and stress


How to choose the right secure, flexible payment solution for your business

The technology behind payment services has become increasingly more sophisticated in recent years. Designed to make payments easier for you and your guests alike, modern solutions also offer enhanced security measures to protect against fraud, data theft and chargebacks.

Solutions like RezPay, Rezcontrol’s own payment system, eliminate the difficulties of multiple payment providers, saving you time and hassle, and minimising the potential for error, by putting your entire payment process in one place. They also have numerous factors in place to protect both you and your guests from fraud and data theft, and will be regularly updated and audited by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Here are our top five essential elements to consider when choosing a PMS payment solution.

1. Data security matters!

What you need to know

It can be tempting to make a physical note of a guest’s personal or financial details when there’s a queue at the front desk and someone phones to make a booking. Hospitality has traditionally been a little lax on this front, but with ever-more sophisticated card and financial fraud, both new technology and compliance law have had to step up to protect consumers.

Hotels now have so many options within payment services to protect their guests’ data, also ensuring they keep on the right side of the law with the PCI Security Standards Council. Measures which should be in place include processes and security tools to govern and secure the possession, organisation, storage, and management of digital assets or data to prevent loss, theft, misuse or compromise.

There can be severe penalties for hotels who unwittingly open the window to data or financial theft, or else breach their guests’ rights with respect to GDPR and the holding and processing of information, so this has to be taken seriously.

As a provider, Rezcontrol utilises the latest in tokenisation technology and partners with global payment providers, all regularly audited for compliance as processors of financial data, so hoteliers can trust completely that our solution is compliant and secure.

2. Will you be able to eliminate, or greatly reduce, chargebacks and fraud?

Secure payment links, Chip and PIN pre-auth, and custom payment rules

A good hotel payment solution will benefit from high level security and will also reduce chargebacks, with features such as 3D Secure payment links instead of the hotel manually taking card details over the phone or via other channels. Enabling guests to check in online and provide a digital signature accepting your terms and conditions also reduces the risk of chargebacks and no-shows, as well as saving time at the front desk.

Chip and PIN pre-authorisation is another feature enabling hotels to hold a specified amount on a customer account, ensuring enough funds are available to meet the bill, with an option to automatically charge any unpaid balance on departure.

Systems like RezPay also offer custom payment rules for each rate, for example collecting payment upfront for a lower priced, non-refundable booking, while just taking card details to guarantee a flexible rate booking, for payment later. Whatever your payment and cancellation terms, RezPay handles them automatically, saving hours of time and minimising mistakes.

3. Online payments with remote, secure check in and check out

Cut down queues while reducing financial risk

Offering your guests a choice in terms of how and when they pay enhances guest satisfaction as well as simplifying processes. Systems like RezPay enable guests to pay online or from a mobile device, prior to arrival or departure, while also providing guarantees and reassurances to both the guest and the property.

The final invoice can be automatically generated and emailed to the guest prior to check out. Receipts and invoices can also be emailed directly to the guest for their records.

4. Automation versus manual input

Avoid human error while saving time on admin

Any good system will offer a high level of automation and integration, which also ensures easy reconciliation at end of day. Having your PDQ machines integrated with your PMS means that manually reconciling one with another is a thing of the past!

With a payment solution like RezPay, everything is in one place, and the audit trail is both straightforward and comprehensive.

5. Automatic event payment scheduling

Making payments for large group events easier to manage

Guests and properties alike benefit from features such as automatic event payment schedules. The hotel will know the precise status of payments for a large event such as a wedding or conference and can collect them automatically – while the guest can relax, knowing the schedule is agreed and manageable, with automated reminders and scheduled payment links.

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