Welcome to our future! Introducing our new look to the world.

It’s Rezcontrol, but not as you know it…

Well hello, Rezcontrol! I almost didn’t recognise you. You’re looking mighty fine today…. Is that a new suit you’re wearing?

It is indeed. We are delighted to introduce our new look, befitting a PMS which has evolved during our thirty year history into a fully cloud-based system which puts hoteliers at the forefront of property management technology.

Helping you succeed in all aspects of your operation

Our refresh is as much about you, our customers, as it is about us and our product. The decision to revitalise our brand was driven by the desire to show ourselves at our best, and as a reflection of what we do best for our client base – putting hoteliers in charge, with all you need to maximise revenue and streamline your entire operation.

The world is changing rapidly, and the cloud has already become the centre of our universe. Modern property management technology has, as we all know, evolved well beyond a PC on the front desk and now not only manages, but streamlines and improves, all aspects of hotel business operations. 

Our platform features automate your processes and payment services, saving hours of admin time, providing live reporting and eliminating human error to the highest degree. Meanwhile our integrations ensure you get the very best in terms of channel and rate management, POS and table reservations, accounting, events, and so much more.

Having spent a few years developing Rezcontrol as a fully cloud-based PMS with the depth of functionality of far larger competitors, the natural next step, now Rezcontrol is so well-established, was to take our branding to the next level to match. 

You can’t wear old sandals with a brand new suit, however comfortable they are

This is why we’re sunsetting our legacy system, Hotel Executive, next year, and why we are fully committed to ongoing development for Rezcontrol. Therefore, with so much positive change and forward thinking going on, we decided now is the perfect time for a rebrand.

Having catapulted Rezcontrol firmly into this brave new world and set it on course for what we know will be a bright future dedicated to helping hotels succeed in all aspects of their operation, with all the value, benefits and opportunities it brings hoteliers – we also took the deliberate decision to incorporate the best of our old symbol. 

Evolution not revolution – honouring our past while paving the way for our future

In this way our new logo is also an evolution, which carries with it the achievements of 30 years as a pioneer in the field of hospitality PMS, while projecting us firmly into the future. 

From this….

To this…

We are proud to pay homage to our roots, while not being afraid to boldly lead with cutting edge technology. 

Our customers are never just another number

We will also never lose our ongoing commitment to outstanding, personalised customer service, and will always remain a people-based business where customers are never just another number. 

We believe the welcoming yet hi-tech nature of our new branding reflects our core strengths, vision and values – qualities including innovation, expertise, honesty, knowledge, support, relatability, reliability and good communication. So it is so much more than ‘just a new logo’.

Proud to be one of the largest independent PMS providers in the UK

We are also proud to be one, if not the largest independent, PMS provider in the UK, which is what enables us to stay close to our client base and continue to offer the excellent levels of service we are renowned for.

Finally, in the fullness of time, we plan to be more Rezcontrol and less Avondata. We will gradually phase out the Avondata name, while Rezcontrol becomes company, product and platform all in one. 

Avondata as a concept shows us where we came from – but Rezcontrol is why we exist now. To put you in control, and to serve your needs with diligence, insight, know-how and a smile on our faces.

We thank our customers for your continued support – and any non-Rezcontrol users reading this article, please feel free to book a quick no obligation call or demo!

To find out how Rezcontrol PMS can help streamline and optimise your hotel operations please contact the sales team at 0330 2231456 or email sales@rezcontrol.com.

With huge thanks to our creative partners, Juice Creative and Digital NRG, who took our vision and gave it wings.