What are the benefits of cloud-based hotel management software?

There are multiple benefits to good hotel management software. As the industry relies increasingly  on tech to support its operations, Rezcontrol PMS helps hotels across the UK become both more efficient and effective. Here are the most significant benefits of cloud-based software like Rezcontrol PMS.

Benefit 1: Saves time

Administrative tasks are simpler with Rezontrol PMS. Day-to-day operations like managing reservations, checking guests in and out, rate management and handling payments are automated, allowing hotel staff to devote more time to offering a personalised service to your guests. 

Benefit 2: Increases online presence and bookings

Increasing your business’s online presence is critical to keep your hotel ahead of the competition.  Hotel management systems therefore work hand-in-hand with channel managers and online booking engines – collaborating with Rezcontrol PMS connects you to over 400 online travel agencies and accommodation wholesalers, 70 direct booking engines and the GDS. 

Metasearch is also a great way to boost your hotel’s exposure. Travellers can see rates and inventory for hotels from a number of different booking sites in one place, making it easy for them to find hotels and compare price and availability. Metasearch sites include Google Hotel Ads and Trivago. With our partner SiteMinder’s Demand Plus platform, their experts manage, monitor and optimise a hotel’s campaigns daily, maximising the chance to be listed at the top of metasearch listing pages.

Benefit 3: Customer base analysis

Hotels see a broad spectrum of guests, varying in gender, age, locality, profession, and preferences. A comprehensive hotel management system not only keeps a detailed log of your guests but also provides the analysis you need. This can provide valuable insights to shape marketing, and attract and retain customers. It also allows hotels to segment customers by need and preferences, driving customer satisfaction. 

Benefit 4: Efficient revenue management

Hotels need to be able to deploy variable pricing strategies to maximise revenue. Rezcontrol property management software will help your hotel optimise  prices according to demand. It will support corporate rates and promotional codes, for example rewarding returning guests or promoting special events. 

Benefit 5: Avoid stress – eliminate human error!

With Rezcontrol you can ensure there hasn’t been a double booking for your most-wanted room, or that a guest hasn’t been charged for an expensive bottle of wine. Nobody wants an embarrassing argument at reception – Rezcontrol automates these functions, removing scope for error and driving guest satisfaction along with your reputation. Hotel management software supports efficient and effective operations for any hotel – and Rezcontrol PMS is a market leader.

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